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 Aeromiting Novi Sad-Cenej 2008

Except the Orao (one aircraft of this type had crashed just a few days before) all major combat aircraft of Serbia took part in the aeromiting of Aeroclub Novi Sad at Cenej airfield on June 1, 2008.

First combat aircraft to fly was Super Galeb G-4.


Beside military types numerous civil aircraft of the Aeroclub were shown. Here an An-2 in crop duster configuration (!) takes off to drop parajumpers.


This SOKO J-20 Kraguj was flown by a former military pilot.


SOKO SA 342 was the only military aircraft to take off from Cenej. All combat aircraft operated from Batajnica.


Galeb G-2 of the Cenej-based Zvezde team made a single and a formation display.


A very impressive display was given by Zoltan Veres on Extra 300.


Even the extended air brakes did not change it for the better: much to disappointment of spectators and the author the MiG-21UM just made two low highspeed passes and then it was gone.


Display of the freshly overhauled MiG-29 was acclaimed by the audience. The aircraft was flown by Brigade General Ðukanović, who was the CO of 204. lap at Batajnica when the author met him in 2005.