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 204th Lovački avijacijski puk Batajnica (Serbia and Montenegro) 2005

On May 10 the author was given the opportunity to visit Batajnica air base of Serbia and Montenegro Air and Air Defence Force.

MiG-21M gate guard.


Two MiG-21bis each armed with four R-60 missiles are on QRA.


Only this MiG-21UM took off for a few flights at the day of the visit.


This MiG-21M modified for the reconnaissance role replaced the MiG-21R at 353. izvidjacka avijacijska eskadrila (recce squadron).


All operational MiG-21s of the Serbia and Montenegro Air and Air Defence Force are based at Batajnica.


Five MiG-29 survived NATO aggression in 1999 and await now overhaul.


Among the other types based at Batajnica are Super Galebs (with gun pod) ...


... and numerous transport aircraft and helicopters like this Mi-8.


On the way back from Batajnica ...

... the was the chance to visit the aircraft museum at Belgrade airport where this well preserved MiG-21F-13 and ...


... a MiG-21R that was still operational until 2003 are displayed.

The author wishes to thank Colonel Ðukanović and all SCG Air Force staff who made this journey possible for their support and hospitality.