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 Kecskemét Air Show (Hungary) 2005

This year's Hungarian air show without any doubt was a highlight for the Eastern aviation enthusiast. And there was an unexpected and not announced visitor - a Serbian MiG-21bis.

For many years not (or even never before) seen abroad: MiG-21bis of 204. lap from Batajnica.


Only shown in the static: Romanian MiG-21 LanceR C.


This F-13 at the main gate of the air base remembers MiG-21 operations at Kecskemét from the early seventies to the nineties.


Though the Serbian MiG-21bis did not fly during the show it took off on Monday for the flight back home - unfortunately in bad weather.


Most impressive performances of the event were three-ship-formations and several solo displays of the MiG-29 ...


... one of the latter including the cobra manoeuvre and the launch of flares.


Three An-26s gave a remarkable display one of them showing very spectacular approaches.


Among the foreign guests were the Turkish Stars currently flying on eight F-5s.