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 Iran Air Show 2005

The second Iran Air Show did not keep the promise of the first one: neither military aircraft and helicopters nor new types or versions were to be seen. Just five helicopters flew in the daily display that took place only twice due to bad weather.

The only evidence of F-7's service with Iran at Iran Air Show 2005 was a rocket booster of this type's ejection seat.


In the flying display the Shahed 278 known from the last show, ...


... a Mi-171 of Navid Air Co. ...


... and one Bell 212 were shown.


Also on display were this Bell 206 which flew also in February 2004 in Tehran ...


... as well as a civilian Bell 214.


Several UAV's developed by Iran could be found in the exhibition halls. The Ababil seen here is operated by the Hizbollah over Israel.