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 25th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Tehran 2004

On February 11 the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Islamic Revolution took place all over Iran. The main demonstration was held in Tehran where some 100.000 people led by president Khatami marched to Azadi (Freedom) square. During the celebration several helicopters were seen flying around the scene.

The ceremony was opened by parajumpers who were dropped by three helicopters of different types belonging to different forces. Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R.I.) Air Force CH-47C was the first to take off, ...


... followed by a Mi-8MT of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC, Pasdaran) ...


... and one only recently delivered Mi-8MTW-5 which features the new shape cargo door. Both Mi-8 wore neither national insignia nor any unit markings.


After his speech President Khatami left Azadi square aboard this IRIAF Bell 212. Iran purchased only few of this type.


Together with a single Bell 214C two Bell 214A dropped flowers and coloured paper stripes over the crowd. With 296 examples delivered the Bell 214A still is the backbone of the Iranian helicopter fleet.


Two of three helicopters that circled over the crowd with TV cameras on board: Bell 214C of the IRIAF is one of 40 helicopters of this type delivered to the (then) IIAF.
The tail of Bell 206L Long Ranger II (below) shows the sign of Mehrabad based Iran Helicopter Support & Renewal Co. (IHSRC) indicating that the helicopter is owned or was at least refurbished by the company.