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 Flying Rhino Čáslav (Czechia) 2004

From September 6 to 17, 2004 a joint exercise of Czech and British armed forces took place at the Czech air bases Čáslav, Přerov and Náměšť nad Oslavou. Following the crash of British Lynx helicopter on September 9 the exercise was continued with limited intensity.

Not a participant of the exercise but returning from CIAF: MiG-21MFN 5603.
However, simulated air combat between MiG-21 and Harrier was part of the scenario of Flying Rhino.


For the ferry flights from the UK the Harrier GR.7 were fitted with four drop tanks.


Training of joint air-to-ground missions of Harriers and L-159s was one main objective of the exercise.


Lynx arriving in Čáslav. The crash of one of these helicopters with six people killed led to the strong reduction of flight activities.