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 Czech International Air Fest Brno-Tuřany 2004

Farewell: both the MiG-21MFN in static display ...


... as well as the traditional fly past of a MiG-21 pair opening the flying programme (unfortunately completely against the sun) were probably seen for the last time at CIAF.


What else could be seen ...
... was a strong delegation from Serbia-Montenegro showing beside an Orao twin-seater on the ground ...


... also one single-seater which made impressive very low passes.


A Serbian Super Galeb trainer was displayed in the air too.


The Mi-24 at the CIAF was one of those only recently bought from Russia.


Combat proven: one of the two Israeli F-16 at the show wore a mission marking showing its participation in the raid on Iraqi nuclear reactor Osirak in 1981 and a kill marking.