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 204. Lovački avijacijski puk Batajnica (Serbia and Montenegro) 2006

Unlike the first visit in 2005 weather in Batajnica on June 8, 2006 was extremely bad making flying operations impossible. Hence the programme of the day was limited to the examination of the airfield facilities and the stored aircraft.

Since last year many aircraft were relocated to other places: one MiG-21UM is standing now in "Vranitza" shelter, ...


... while all operational MiG-21 of the 126th squadron ...


... as well as all five MiG-29 of 127th waiting for overhaul were concentrated on the flightline.


Already seen before: 17126 in 2005 took part in Kecskemet Airshow.


According to the pilots the last time the QRA took off for a training mission was about two weeks before.


Only one Serbian An-26 is still operational. All others are for sale.


Journey from Batajnica ...

... to Varaždin went along Zagreb Airport where flying service of MiG-21s lasted until the evening.

The author wishes to thank Col. Kovačević, Lt. Col. Puhac and all members of SCG Air Force who made the visit possible,