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Engines of the MiG-21

Three generations of engines with several subversions were built in the MiG-21 during 25 years of manufacturing. Because of the limitations set by the fuselage there were only minor external differences between the different generations.

Engine Versions Thrust (kN)* Remarks
R11F-300 (37F) F, F-13, U 38,2 / 53,4  
R11F2-300 (37F2) F-13, PF, FL 38,7 / 60,0 F-13 refitted
R11F2S-300 (37F2S) PF, PFS, PFM, R, S, M, US, UM 38,2 / 60,6 with blown flaps (SPS)
R11F2SK-300 (37F2SK) MF 38,2 / 60,6 with nozzle correction device KDS
R13 (95) M, MF, RF, SM, SMT, UM 39,9 / 63,7 M refitted, UM also refitted
R25 (25) bis 40,2 / 69,6 thrust 97,1kN with special regime at low level

* without / with afterburner


Engine of the first MiG-21 generation: R11.


R11 (part cutaway) from the left ...


... and from the right.


Externally the R11 can be distinguished by its radially arranged flame stabilizers of the afterburner.


R11 complete with afterburner.


The R13 differs from the R11 in having grooved inner surfaces of the engine housing, ...


... seen here from the other side, ...


... and a combination of star-shaped and circular flame stabilizers. (Photos R13: author's collection)


The R25 also boasts grooved inner surfaces of the engine housing, but there are fewer rotor blades than on R13 (21 instead of 24).


The flame stabilizers of the R25 are of circular shape.


Not an engine in the true sense of the word: booster rocket SPRD-99 (seen here on a Finnish MiG-21bis).


Engines of the J-7 / F-7

Like the MiG-21 its Chinese copies were fitted with externally almost identical engines of different generations.

Engine Versions Thrust (kN)* Remarks
WP-7 J-7I, F-7A 38,2 / 53,4  
WP-7B J-7II, F-7B, JJ / FT-7 38,7 / 59,8  
WP-7BM F-7M / P 40,2 / 59,8  
WP-7F J-7E 44,1 / 63,7  
WP-13F J-7III, F-7PG 44,1 / 65,9 similar to R13-300

* with / without afterburner


The WP-7 differs from the Soviet engines in a special combination of circular and star-shaped flame stabilizers.