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Week of Holy Defence parade Tehran 2005

Always around the anniversary of the Iraqi aggression in 1980 in Iran the "Week of Holy Defence" takes place. Highlight of the event is a parade in Tehran which this time took place on September 22. About two hours soldiers from all branches of both Iranian military and Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) passed in front of president Ahmadinejad and other members of political and religious leadership. Large marching blocks were followed by a wide range of vehicles including motorbikes, cars, tanks, armoured personnel carries, self-propelled guns and even missile launchers. All heavy vehicles did not drive themselves but were presented loaded on trailers. While the ground forces showed a broad variety of equipment Air Force and Navy took part with smaller weapon systems like missiles and bombs only. However, various helicopters supporting the event and dropping parajumpers circled over the scene making the parade an interesting place for the aviation enthusiast.

Among the displayed heavy armament were different types of tanks like this T-72 as well as ...


... various models of surface-to-surface missiles, ...


... wearing Anti-Israeli and Anti-US slogans and - according to press reports - caused the withdrawal of Western military attachés from the parade.


Beside imported weapon systems the air force also showed various indigenous developments.


Two Mi-171 dropped parajumpers in front of the main tribune.


A Pasdaran AB.205 / UH-1 circled over the scene.


New president, new presidential helicopter? Probably on board this Mi-17 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left the location.


In and around Tehran ...
... more of aviation could be seen like this helicopter of IHSRC (Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Co.) on a test flight ...


... and stored civil aircraft at Mehrabad airport.


This interesting prototype is shown in a museum near the airport, ...


... while this Bell 206 stands at the entrance of IHSRC sports club.


Beside numerous airlines Mehrabad hosts several military units.