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 Romania and ROIAS 2006
In memoriam
Laurenţiu KIRU Chiriţă * 1970 † 2010

With Romanian International Airshow (ROIAS) on July 29 and 30, 2006 the Romanian Air Force celebrated the 100th anniversary of aviation pioneer Traian Vuia's first motor flight. The week before a press tour to the air bases of Cāmpia Turzii, Bacău, Boboc, Caracal, Craiova und Feteşti took place. On all these airfields MiG-21s are based or stored.

 Cāmpia Turzii

Maintenance of LanceR A.


During the visit three LanceR A (seen here) as well as each one LanceR B and C took of for Feteşti and Constanța respectively to take part in ROIAS.


Two LanceR C armed with Magic 2 missiles in QRA in Cāmpia Turzii.



Retired MiG-21s of different versions are used as instructional airframes for training of technicians with the Scoala Militara de Maistri si Subofiteri a Fortelor Aeriene 'Traian Vuia' at Boboc, among them a MiG-21PFM (Romanian designation RFMM), ...


.. one MiG-21M ...


... and a cutaway of a MiG-21F-13.



Close to the staff building in Bacău a MiG-21F-13 in LanceR A colours is preserved.


Technical service also in Bacău: using an external hydraulic supply the landing gear of the aircraft is deployed and retracted.


Due to the lack of appropriate shelters in Bacău even the operational aircraft are in open storage.


Caracal und Craiova

All non-operational Romanian MiG-21 are stored in Caracal and Craiova. Among them are aircraft of PFM (front), M (behind) ...


... and one F-13 destined as a gate guard.


While some of the aircraft in Caracal are still in pretty good condition, ...


... of those in Craiova remain only empty fuselages lacking radar and engine.



The aircraft taking part in the opening parade of Constanța Airshow took of from Feteşti.


Weaponry of both LanceR A and LanceR C was presented to the photographers.


Line up for training flight ...


... and take-off.


After return for training in Constanța the nine-ship formation made a fly-pass over Feteşti.


 Romanian International Airshow Constanța 2006

In static display one LanceR A and one C were shown. Both were hastily oversprayed to make them suitable for the show.


The rather unimpressive display of a LanceR A was followed by ...


... of a fly-pass of one five-ship and one four-ship formation ...


... and a formidable presentation of a LanceR C including the most spectacular slow pass of a MiG-21 that the author has seen so far.


For the second approach the formation comprised all nine aircraft.