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 Romania 2007
In memoriam
Laurenţiu KIRU Chiriţă * 1970 † 2010

On Romanian Air Force press tour 2007 the author visited the air bases of Cāmpia Turzii, Bacău, Feteşti and Mihail Kogălniceanu.

 Cāmpia Turzii

In preparation of the Romanian Baltic air policing mission in Lithuania numerous aircraft were overhauled.


MiG-21 LanceR B prior touch-down after weather check flight.


Take-off of a LanceR A with drop tanks.


In Cāmpia Turzii the aircraft are lined up for refueling too before they are towed to the flightline.


Three IAR 330 of the helicopter squadron photographed from new-built Tower.



All jet aircraft of the pilots school at Boboc are currently based at Bacău stationiert where they fly several hours each day. The L-39 are used as basic trainers ...


... while IAR 99 Soim act as advanced trainers.


The IAR 330 based in Bacău mainly undertake humanitarian missions.



On the occasion of the visit again a static display including armamente was shown in Feteşti.


Especially for the visitors a single LanceR A as well as ...


... one LanceR A and C each of QRA took off for displays.


 Mihail Kogălniceanu

Celebrating the visit of Thunderbirds the Romanians organized a small-scale airshow including two spectacular MiG-21 displays A LanceR C of Grupul 95 from Bacău, ...


... was followed by a second one from Grupul 86 at Feteşti.


Both displays took place against the backdrop of an approaching thunderstorm making the afterburner flame clearly visible.

The author thanks Captain Commander Liliana Tanase and members of the Forţele Aeriene Române who made the tour possible.