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 Romania 2005
In memoriam
Laurenţiu KIRU Chiriţă * 1970 † 2010

In April 2005 Romanian Air Force again organized a press tour to air bases of Boboc, Bacău und Cāmpia Turzii. The author only visited the latter.


At Bacău the advanced training of the Romanian Air Force Academy is held using LanceR A single-seaters and LanceR B trainers.


Local specialty of Bacău: aircraft refueling takes place at one end of the airfield, flight preparation at the other one. Between the two places the MiG-21s are towed - with maximum speed.


A larger number of LanceR A was already retired and probably will never fly again.


A single An-26 trained approaches to the airfield.


 Cāmpia Turzii

Preparation for test run.


At Cāmpia Turzii there are no shelters. All aircraft are in open storage.


Beside the Lancers a few IAR 330 are based at Cāmpia Turzii, further ones fly from Timisoara.