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 Międzynarodowe Pokazy Lotnicze Radom 2003

Altough this year's Radom airshow was dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Polish aviation the event was very limited compared to the 2002 show.

The MiG-21M at the of the airbase got a special colour scheme.


In the static display MiG-21UM 9349 was shown wearing a white tiger scheme.


Flying display was opened by an air parade of the Polish Air Force. Part of the parade was this group of MiG-29, Su-22 and MiG-21.


Like last year the two tiger-coloured MiG-21UM flew in the solo display.


What else could be seen ...
... were new colours and special schemes on Polish airplanes and helicopters like this MiG-29UB, ...


... Mi-14 and ...


... Mi-24.


The only interesting foreign exhibits were three F-15 of the Israel Air Force.