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 Company Visit P.H.U. Recycling Service Babimost (Poland)

P.H.U. Recycling Service at the former air base of Babimost not only scraps aircraft from Polish Air Force inventory but also offers complete airframes to museums and collections. Beside this company director Jerzy Wawrzyniak a former Lim-6 (MiG-17-) instructor collected large amounts of aircraft parts and equipment which are for sale at reasonable prices.


Several MiG-21 of different versions were dismantled at the time of visit.


P.H.U offers various larger items like this MiG-21 simulator, ...


... radars and engines ...


... as well as airframe components and booster rockets.


The aircraft displayed at the terminal of the civil airport Zielona Gora-Babimost are for sale. In good there are presented one MiG-21UM, ...


... one MiG-23MF ...


... und a single Lim-6bis that operated from the base until 1992.


The MiG-23 carries a Polish-made recce container which was converted from a UB-16 rocket pod.