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 OdesAviaRemServis (Ukraine) 2009

On March 16, 2009 the author went to Odessa for a third visit to OdesAviaRemServis.

In the fuselage overhaul hall work was underway on MiG-23 for an undisclosed customer ...


... an well as on MiG-21bis for Yemen Air Force.


MiG-21 of Egypt Air Force can be found everywhere on the company area: disassembled in the hall, ...


... still to be worked on or ...


... as source of spares at the company yard.


Main reason for the visit was completion of an "Egyptian twin-seater" (according to the advance information), which much to the authors surprise and delight proved to be a MiG-21US - certainly one of only a handful operational aircraft of this version.


After inspection by the customer the aircraft was dismantled immediately, ...


... to be airfrighted by an Egyptian Hercules.


On board of the transporter there was a further MiG-21MF for overhaul.


A total of six Yemeni MiG-21s were with the company at the time of the visit, among them four already finished ones at the company yard.


Overhaul of Yak-52s is also a part of OdesAviaRemServis's business activities. Seen here is an aircraft owned by a private customer from Ukraine.