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 OdesAviaRemServis (Ukraine) 2007

On September 21, 2007 the author went to Odessa for a company visit to OdesAviaRemServis.

Look inside the main overhaul hall: A MiG-21bis destined for an undisclosed customer in the final stage of completion.


Ready for delivery: Egyptian MiG-21RF in full colours.


Another Egyptian MiG-21RF undergoes final systems checks before being test flown.


This MiG-21SM is in open storage at OdesAviaRemServis plant and probably will be used a source of spares.


Beside several MiG-23ML ...


... a single MiG-23UB from Angola stand at company's yard. As the customer did not pay for overhaul of the aircraft were not yet delivered.


Among the Ukrainian aircraft at OdesAviaRemServis apart from a single MiG-29 ...


... are numerous L-39s.