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 No.37 Combat Training Wing Mianwali (Pakistan) 2004

On March 30 and 31 2004 the author was given the chance to visit Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base Mianwali and to see aircraft based there in action.

This F-7P belongs to No.19 OCU squadron, ...


... while this FT-7P is flown by the No.18 OCU squadron. Both unit's task is operational conversion of young pilots on the F-7.


Due to the high temperatures at Mianwali flying is done mainly in the early morning and in the evening.


Despite the heat the Chinese MiG-21 versions show an impressive climb performance.


Flight preparation with No.19 OCU squadron.


Also based at Mianwali are FT-5 (MiG-17 twin-seater) of No.1 FCU squadron.


The FT-5 are used for fighter conversion of young pilots.


The Mushshak is the transport for higher ranking officers of No.37 CT Wing.


A Y-12 of the PAF brought the visitors to Mianwali and back to Islamabad.

The author wishes to thank Air Commodore Sarfraz and all Pakistan Air Force staff who made this journey possible for their support and hospitality.