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 MAKS Moscow 2003

Unfortunately it was long time ago when the last MiG-21 appeared at Meshdunarodny Avionno-Kosmitchesky Salon (MAKS) in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Nevertheless an attentive visitor could discover at least one or two of this once omnipresent type.

This MiG-21US stands in front of an institute building in Zhukovsky. It probably was used as a chase plane for flight tests.


The MiG-21 was present at MAKS in form of this new brochure by Sokol.

The exhibition was dominated by Sukhoi and the accompanying manufacturing companies. The export successes of the last years manifested in effortful pavilions as well as in numerous airplanes which could be seen both on the ground and in the air.

Beside the Su-27 family Sukhoi showed the Su-24 and ...


... the Su-25, which may remain in service for a longer period and therefore offer considerable modernization potential.


Competitor RSK MiG displayed several variants of the MiG-29.


Among the helicopters on the show were the Ka-50, ...


... different models of the Ka-27/29/32 family and ...


... the Mi-28.

Also the Russian Air Force participated in the show presenting several aircraft and helicopters.

Probably the star of the MAKS was this Tu-95 which presented itself in excellent condition.


Part of Russian Air Force display were a Mi-26 and ...


... a Mi-24P.


Interesting prototypes like this Il-76 early warning version were to be seen too.