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 Aeromiting Zagreb-Lučko 2008

Despite the rather dull programme of the Aeromiting at Zagreb-Lučko airfield on September 20, 2008 the author decided to go there as the airshow probably offered the last chance in this to see a Croatian MiG-21 flying. The expectations were met though the event suffered from bad weather.

Several Air Tractor AT-802 are obviously stored at the airfield.


Like almost every Eastern European aero club this one owns an An-2.


Main operator at Zagreb-Lučko is 28 Eskadrila Transportnih Helikoptera (transport helicopter squadron) completely equipped with recently delivered Mi-171.


Only one of nine Mi-171 at the airfield took off during the show to drop parajumpers.


Croatian police was represented by a Bell 206 ...


... and an Augusta Bell 212.


What's flying there? The most spectacular "flying object" of the airshow was this man with a special flying suit.


Despite the bad weather Krile Oluja gave their usual display.


Short before 6 p.m., when twilight came to rainy grey ...


... finally the MiG-21bis from Pleso started its display. At this time it was so dark, ...


... that usable pictures were possible with ISO 1600 only. At least the afterburner pretty contrasts against the evening sky.