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 Den MiGů Prague-Letňany (Czechia) 2005

On April 30, 2005 at Stará Aerovka the old airfield of Aero factory in the "Day of the MiG" took place - an unofficial farewell party for the Czech MiG-21s and their predecessors. Part of the programme were "Lidí od MiGů", a meeting of former MiG pilots and technicians from all parts of the country, an exhibition including three MiG-21s, a fly-by of two MiG-21 from Čáslav and finally a concert of the band named MIG 21.

The official poster of the event shows a nice old propaganda picture.


The well preserved MiG-21F-13 0304 was surrounded by visitors all the time.


0210 is stored as a monument at Stará Aerovka.


It seems so far no buyer could be found for the MiG-21U ejection seat test aircraft of the Czech Aeronautical Research and Test Institute (VZLU). The aircraft was displayed in good condition in front of one of the hangars.


For the last time Czech MiG-21s flew over Prague.


The band MIG 21 opened its concert with a song about the MiG-21.