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 LAVEX Tripolis 2009

After two failed attempts the author finally managed to have a closer look at Libyan aviation at the third aviation fair LAVEX. Unfortunately the main attraction from his view was missing: the MiG-21. Instead a great variety of other aircraft from Libyan inventory was on show.

Build-up for the show. This MiG-25, however, is scrap and the fleet was retired.


Libyan Chinook upgraded by Agusta Westland.


Arrival of the participants. Two Su-22 flew in for the show.


Among numerous - only externally civil - transport aircraft at the event were An-74TK-300, ...


... Il-76 ...


... and C-130 / L-100.


At Mitiga a Mi-17 ambulance helicopter is based.


Impressive pictures on the eve: MiG-25 ...


... and Su-22 at static display.


Preparation for opening parade: a pilot climbs into his MiG-23MLA.


Also a Su-22 was prepared but did not fly.


Instead a twin-seater MiG-23UB ...


... and the MiG-23MLA show above taxied to take off.


This Chinook dropped parajumpers ...


... before the two MiG-23 and a Mirage F-1 passed over the base.


Also present: An-124 of Libyan Air Cargo.


After the parade the MiGs at the flightline were rearranged.


Most spectacular display of the show was given by the Rafale. Obviously, French see good chances to sell it to Libya.


After its solo display ...


... Mirage F-1 was shown at static display.


The following days display changed: on Tuesday two MiG-23 (without Mirage) opend the programme.


Also to be seen in the air were L-39, ...


... several SF-260, only arriving at the second day ...


... and A109 police helicopter with an annoying siren, seen here taking of in the middle of the spectators.


This two Su-22 opened flying display on Wednesday.


Mi-14 fire fighting helicopter unfortunately forbeared from dropping water.


Solo display of MiG-23UB ...


... ended up in disaster: both pilots and supposedly more persons on the ground died in the crash.


A few hours later flights were resumed, as if nothing had happened - among others of C-130 Hercules ...


... and Mi-35.


On the brink of Mitiga airport aircraft repair center 003 is located, taking care for An-26 and An-74 (seen here).