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 Spottersday JG 73 Laage (Germany) 2004

To mark the occasion of the transfer of the last MiG-29 to Poland a "Spottersday" was organized by JG 73 at Laage on July 28, 2004. Though no MiG-29s were flying that day this event gave the chance to say good bye to the last operational combat aircraft of the NVA (East German armed forces).

Three MiG-29 and numerous other aircraft were lined up for the photographers, ...


... among them one twin-seater ...


... as well as one single-seater in standard ...


... and one in special colours.


Just like good old times: MiG-29 with complete air-to-air armament standing in a shelter.


The successor: one of the seven EF 2000 twin-seater currently tested by the Luftwaffe.


Many guests arrived for the farewell ceremony, among them Dutch F-16s and French Mirage 2000 which are seen here in formation.