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 MiG-21 farewell Kuopio (Finland) 1998

On March 7, 1998 the end of MiG-21' service with the Finnish Air Force was celebrated with an atmospheric farewell party at Kuopio-Rissala air base.

While three MiG-21, escorted by a BAe Hawk, passed over the base ...


... this monument was unveiled which reminds of MiG-21bis' service with HavLLv 31.


The return of the three aircraft also marks the last landing of a Finnish MiG-21UM.


Report for the last flight: Captain Yrjö Rantamäki and his technicians Seppo Hattunen and Erkki Reponen.


After a spectacular display ...


... MG-138 touches down softly at 12.30 and ...


... and MiG-21's service with the Finnish Air Force is history.


The press conference after the last touchdown takes place in dull atmosphere. All participants feel the end of an era. Beside this MiG-21's retirement means the end of the flying career of most of the pilots.


Much more relaxed was the following party in the hangar.


Today only to be seen in that way:
Finnish MiG-21F-13 as a monument at Kuopio airport and ...


... in Finnish Air Force museum Tikkakoski.