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 Mezinárodní Letecký Den Prague-Kbely (Czechia) 2004

The only interesting display during the airshow in Prague-Kbely on May 8, 2004 that of the Mi-24. So the author took the chance to visit the museum at the airfield where several MiG-21 are shown.

Mi-24 during the display.


The well preserved MiG-21F-13 in one of the exhibition halls of the museum.


Among the latest additions to the museum are a MiG-21MF ...


... and a MiG-21UM.


Fitted to the MiG-21PF shown in the museum is this pod of yet unknown purpose.


This MiG-21F-13 stands as a gate guard outside LOM Prague facilities. The colour scheme is not the original one.