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 Iran Airshow 2002

The first Iran Airshow took place on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf from October 30th till November 3rd. For the first time the Iranian aviation industry presented itself to the international public. Unfortunately, the Iranian armed forces did not take part in the show and therefore types like F-14, MiG-29 and F-7 were not to be seen. Nevertheless, some types made their first public appearance.

Unfortunately not the real one: this picture of an Iranian FT-7 was shown at an exhibition stand.
(Repro: author)


The Tazarve jet trainer is an indigenous Iranian development and manufactured largely of composites. It is powered by a J85 engine (taken from the F-5) without afterburner.


This F-5B twin-seater was rebuilt from an F-5A single-seater by the Iranians.


The most interesting project seen on the show was the Shafagh trainer / light attack aircraft.


During the rule of the Shah large numbers of AH-1 were delivered to Iran. The Iranians managed to keep most of these helicopters airworthy.


Model 2091 is a copy of the AH-1 with new avionics. It can be distinguished from the American original by its strengthened canopy frame.


Two further copies: Model 2061 (AB.206) and ...


... Shabaviz 2-75 (UH-1).


Despite its similarities to the Bell 206 the Shahed 278 is an indigenous development.


For logistic support of the event Fokker F-27 of the Iranian army and ...


... C-130 Hercules of the air force were used.


Outside the Iran Airshow a B.H.7 hovercraft - also maintained by the Iranian aviation industry - was shown.