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 Exhibition "50 Years of MiG-21 Series Production" Berlin-Gatow 2009

On July 9, 2009 at the Luftwaffenmuseum (Air Force Museum) of Bundeswehr in Berlin-Gatow special exhibition "50 Years of MiG-21 series production" was opened.

After introduction by Lt. Col. Leonhardt, director of the museum, the author gave the opening speech on "MiG-21 - half a century in service". Afterwards, Col. Dr. Heinemann from MGFA officially opened the exhibition ...
(Photo: Stefan Büttner)


... and the man behind the project, Dr. Willisch, explained the exhibits to the guests.
(Photo: Stefan Büttner)


Beside engine, ejection seat, radar and other devices of the MiG-21 among them are a front section, ...


... cutaways of air-to-air missiles ...


... as well as this wall chart from JG-8 (8th fighter regiment East German Air Force), commemorating the delivery of MiG-21s to Syria in 1973.


In hangar 3 of the museums a cutaway of a MiG-21PF is to be seen, ...


... while the other side of the aircraft is presented in original colours.


In front of the hangar five MiG-21 were lined up - some of them armed, ...
(Photo: Stefan Büttner)


... with some of them freshly painted on the occasion.
(Photo: Stefan Büttner)


Exhibition (shown here is the official poster) is open until May 30, 2010.