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 ELITE 2007 Lechfeld (Germany)

From June 14 to 28, 2007 at Heuberg military training area and in the airspace over Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg the exercise ELITE 2007 (Electronic Warfare Live Training Exercise) took place. Among more than 70 airplanes and helicopters taking part in ELITE 2007 for the first time were MiG-21 from Romania which operated from Lechfeld Air Base of Jagdbombergeschwader (fighter bomber wing) 32.

Two LanceR C of Grupul 86 from Feteşti-Borcea deployed to Lechfeld.


In accordance with the objectives of the exercise the Lancers carried an ECM at central pylon. In the background a Norwegian Falcon 20 takes off.


Hopefully not for the last time: MiG-21 in the sky over Germany.


Another highlight of the exercise was the participation of two Polish Su-22 which were at Lechfeld for the second time.


Bulk of participating aircraft was made of German, British and Italian Tornados ...


... taking off in quick succession.


Turkish Air Force dispatched Phantoms ...


... and F-16s, ...


... additional F-16 came from Greece.