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 Theme Day of German Air Force Association Dresden 2009

On May 8, 2009 German Air Force Association held an theme day on nuclear capabilities of Warsaw Pact air forces at Großenhain airfield and Military Historical Museum (MHM) Dresden. Within Stefan Büttner's presentation on Warsaw Pact fighter aviation's dual role as tactical nuclear carriers the author gave a lecture on nuclear carrying MiG-21s.

The Dresden event was opened by Lt. Col. von Richthofen, director of Military Historical Museum, who spoke about the current redesign of the location.
(Photo: Stephan Franke)


Stefan Büttner gave an overview of Warsaw Pact combat aircraft with nuclear capabilities, ...
(Photo: Stephan Franke)


... while the author's presentation was focussed on corresponding aspects of MiG-21.
(Photo: Stephan Franke)


Together numerous questions were answered. Supported by some of the spectators with an professional background all doubts about the described nuclear capabilities of East German Air Force could be resolved, ...
(Photo: Stephan Franke)


... even those of Gunter Fichte, former CO of 2nd fighter squadron / 3rd fighter wing who gave the final speech of the day.
(Photo: Stephan Franke)


Fittingly, the location was bordered by both MiG-21s in MHM's inventory, MiG-21F-13 with false serial 268 (correctly: 671) ...


... and MiG-21PF 868.