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 Drogowy Odcinek Lotniskowy 2003 Kliniska (Poland)

After a two year break on May 27 and 28, 2003 in Kliniska near Szczecin the exercise DOL (Drogowy Odcinek Lotniskowy = highway strip landing) took place. As the name indicates flying is carried out from a section of a regular road that is prepared for that purpose and closed to traffic.

Unfortunately, no MiG-21s flew during this year's exercise. While no flight movements of MiG-21s were planned for the press day on May 27th anyway, missions of 41st ELT MiG-21s from Malbork scheduled for the next day were canceled due to technical problems. Nevertheless the DOL again offered the fascinating possibility to watch combat aircraft in action very closely.

The exercise was opened by TS-11 Iskras flown by students who did their first highway strip landings.


The touchdown of the Su-22 is impressive due to the high landing speed.


Only few meters were between the spectators and the taxiing aircraft.


Su-22 flying over.


Landing on ...


... and taking-off from short strips is no problem for the MiG-29.