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 Cooperative Key 2001 Graf Ignatievo (Bulgaria) *

From september 10th to 21st NATO partnership for peace exercise Cooperative Key took place in Bulgaria. Beside the Bulgarian ones aircraft from Austria, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary and the US were to be seen.

The opening ceremony was held at the amphitheatre of Plovdiv.


22 countries took part in Cooperative Key. Macedonia thats flag is raised by the the author on this picture had to cancel its participation due to the political situation inside the country.


The Bulgarian MiG-21s showed much more activity than the time before. Half a dozen aircraft could be seen in the air.


Mostly the MiG-21bis flew, ...


... but also one trainer was used for weather flights and as a chase plane.


Dozens of MiG-21s are in open storage at Graf Ignatievo.


The MiG-21bis delivered second-hand in 1990 were well worn and are retired now.


Romania took part with three MiG-21 LanceR C.


What else could be seen ...
Su-22M4 with recce pod.








*... or "Chicks, MiGs and the Gemse" (with greetings to Carlo and Paul).