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 Croatian International Airshow Varaždin 2009

Unlike 2006 this year's display of Croatian MiG-21 was not the highlight of Varaždin Airshow. The most spectacular flights of the event on July 11 and 12, 2009 were shown by aircraft of which that was not to be expected.

Business jet in very low-level flight: display of Winair's Cessna Citation of remembered of the memorable MiG-21 show in 2006.


Old acquaintance: among further Croatian participants were one Bell 212 of the Ministry of the Interior ...


... as well as the inevitable Krila Oluje - nice, but not impressive.


An unexpectedly impressive demonstration on both days was shown by Croatian An-32, which already on approach started to fire flares ...


... and not stopped until its entire stock was used up.


In between low-level flying was shown.


Visit from the neighbour: while Hungarian Gripen showed a low-key display ...


... Péter Besenyei gave a brilliant display with bloodcurdling maneuvers at ground level making it the probably best presentation of the show.


The Hungarian Mi-24 did not show fight against airborne targets, but flew around only in the evening of the first day a round and thereby met a Robinson.


As common in Croatia the MiG-21 marked the end of the show each day, but mostly flew too fast or too high for beautiful pictures.


Even though apparently a new generation of pilots replaced the old masters of the low and slow-speed flying ...


... some beautiful photo opportunities were offered, particularly on - nomen est omen - Sunday.