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 Den Otevřených Dveří Čáslav (Czechia) 2007

Open day at Čáslav on May 26, 2007 was a welcome opportunity to the author to remember the final days of the Czech MiG-21s and the farewell cermony.

Two years after its retirement the MiG-21 was still present in form of the gate guard at the main entrance ...


... and as an exhibit in the static display.


In the static display Gripen of the three European user countries Sweden, Hungary and Czechia we to be seen.


Swedish and Czech Gripen took part in the flying display, the latter solo and in formation.


The most spectacular display was shown by the Mi-24 from Přerov.


This Mi-171 was dropping parajumpers.


L-39 from Náměšť nad Oslavou in low pass.


Aero Vodochody's first twinseater conversion was shown in the static too.