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 Batajnica Air Base (Serbia) 2009

On the way back from an unsuccessful visit to Cāmpia Turzii the author made a short stop at Batajnica on July 2, 2009. Despite the foggy weather that caused a lot of problems for camera's autofocus there were flying operations going on almost at the same level as in December 2008

Grey MiG under grey sky: tropical humidity after days of heavy rain made nice pictures impossible.


Beside the G-4 Super Galebs which took of several time also the special-coloured Orao was flying. Wetter prevented taking pictures.


An An-26 dropped parajumpers and repeatedly practised approaches.


MiG-29 18105 took off several times with drop tank and sometimes with training missiles.


Final touchdown of 18105? Only five days after this pictures was taken the aircraft crashed ...


... and pilot Lt. Col. Rade Ranđelović as well as a soldier on the ground died. During the visit in December 2008 Lt. Col. Ranđelović interviewed by the author proudly presented a MiG-29 model built by his son.