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 Batajnica Air Base (Serbia) 2007

As the author this year did not get permission from Serbian authorities to visit Batajnica he traveled to Belgrade after Kecskemet Airshow to take some pictures from outside the airfield. His hopes were realized as on August 14, when not only at least two Super Galebs and three UTVA-75s but also one MiG-21 took off for several flights. Fortunately the MiG-21UM wearing the new roundels made two approaches during each flight (after the first one it made a touch and go) giving the chance to find a good position for photographing (to be not detected standing right beside the street from Batajnica to the motorway was not an option).

1st approach: the glide path went right over the photographer. As the sun is over the runway the result is far from being perfect.


2nd approach: Yet better but still too close to the aircraft. Fast alteration of angle ...


... cause the pitot tube tip missing on the picture.


3rd approach: This time - within the circumstances - all fits ...


... and the roundels are clearly visible. Fortunately the strange grey two-tone camouflage presented before was not adopted.


4th approach: Again a nice picture. Then it is better ...


... to hurry to the motorway to Zagreb where unfortunately due to the bank holiday next day there is no flying. It's a pity. Three days, three countries, three MiG-21s - that would be great. But the Serbian MiG-21UM alone was worth the 3000 kilometers trip, 200 liters of Diesel, four overnight stays and 56 Euros toll charge.

The author this time thanks himself for the good idea, the Serbian flight planers, the weather gods and finally his car which mastered the short farm track leg.