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Roll-Out of the restored MiG-21SMT at Altenburg-Nobitz Airport (Germany)

Around 1985 a MiG-21SMT (c/n N50022121) was set on a pole at the Soviet Altenburg-Nobitz airfield in Germany. This aircraft remained there when the (then) Russian troops withdrew from the base in June 1992 and thus became the sole MiG-21 of this rare version in Germany. In 2001 a group of enthusiasts decided to restore the slowly collapsing aircraft. The MiG-21 was removed from the pole, taken to a hangar and in some thousand hours of work brought to a good-looking condition. Missing parts like the landing gear were obtained from several sources and mounted. After the local authorities officially handed-over the aircraft to the enthusiasts on June 19, 2003 the roll-out took place on June 21, observed by families, friends and guests.

Almost like in good old times: the MiG-21SMT in the shelter.


The carefully restored aircraft is towed out of the shelter and presented to the guests.


The dorsal spine had to be built completely new. Missing parts will be added as soon as founds are available.


Until 2001 the aircraft was mounted on a pole in the barracks area. Damages caused by improper repairs, weather and vandalism are clearly visible.
(Photos: author, Jens Walther)


After removing from the pole the then "Red 01" looked very badly.
(Photo: author's collection)