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 Albania 2006

After several attempts the author in February 2006 was given the chance to visit Albania, the only European country using the F-7. As the Albananian F-7A are non-operational for a longer period they only can be seen in their (impressive) underground shelters.


The last flight of a F-7A took place in September 2004.


One of the last operational Albanian F-7A, now stored in Rinas.


Beside the F-7s also F-6, MiG-15UTI and this FT-5 are in stored in several shelters.


Today the An-2 is the only flying type in Rinas. It is used to keep the the pilots current.


Once this H-5 was flying target towing missions.


Two F-6 are in open display in Rinas.



One of two gates of the more than 600 meters long aircraft tunnel in Gjader.


Maintenance cavern inside the tunnel.


Eight F-7A as well as ...


... 26 F-6 are stored in the large underground facility.

The Author wishes to thank all Albanian Air Force personell who made the visit possible. Special thanks go to Colonel Lleshaj, Lt. Colonel Lleshi, Lt. Colonel Kuleci, Major Hadushi, Major Karaj and First Lieutenant Krypi.