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MiG-21 Versions in Detail

MiG-21F / U: Matoulek, Ovčačik, Pavlovský, Susa: 4+Publishing 2008
Made for modellers this book mainly consisting of photos is dedicated to first generation MiG-21 single and twin-seaters and Chinese copies. Beside many well-known pictures some interesting new pictures from Eastern Europe can be found in this publication.
(In English und Czech)
MiG-21 MF / UM Variants In Detail. WWP Present Aircraft Line No. 7: Kořán, Martinek, Rogl, Soukop, Khol: WWP 2004
More than 200 pages of colour photos of late Czech MiG-21MF, MFN and UM show almost every detail of these versions including armament and cockpit equipment.
Mikoyan MiG-21MF Fishbed. Lock On No. 21: Buza: Verlinden 1993
Many details of a Hungarian MiG-21MF are shown on high-quality colour photos - a must for the modeller.
Mikoyan MiG-21MF. Topshots 11001: Barcz, Warszawski: Kagero 2005
With lots of photos like Lock On publication, colour schemes and decals a rich source for the ambitioned modeller.
Manual MiG-21R + MF. Metodicky zpravodaj c.1 KPM
Hand-made manual for modellers.
(In Czech)
Na pomoc plastikovemu modelarstvi ... MiG-21MF: Martinek, Rogl 1990
Instructions for the improvement of model kits with many detailed drawings.
(In Czech)
MiG-21bis Fishbed L/n. Seria Pod Lupa no 12: ACE Publication 2000
Polish publication on the MiG-21bis. Especially dedicated to modellers.
(In Polish)
MiG-21bis. Przeglad Konstrukci Lotnicych no 25: Altair 1995
Small publication with extensive information about the MiG-21bis mainly in Polish service.
(In Polish)