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MiG-21 in Overview

According to its meaning many books were written about the MiG-21. The vast number of versions and sub variants as well as many user countries offer a lot of material for a great variety of books.

Mikoyan MiG-21. Famous Russian Aircraft: Gordon, Dexter, Komissarov: Midland Counties 2008
The 700 pages book summarizes almost everything that was available on the MiG-21 at time of publication: photos, service history as well as lists of (not always correct) serials and construction numbers.
MiG-21 'Fishbed'. The world's most widely used supersonic fighter: Gordon, Gunston: Aerofax 1996
The best and most comprehensive work on MiG-21. With many beautiful photos and the excellent drawings from Krilya Rodiny special.
Chinese Aircraft. China's aviation industry since 1951: Gordon, Komissarov: Hikoki 2008
Appropriate to the title general overview of Chinese aviation production since 1951. The chapters on the Chinese versions of the MiG-21 are condensed excerpts from the Famous Russian Aircraft book.
Aviation Archives 03 / 2008
Overview mainly of the Chinese versions of the MiG-21. Some pictures were stolen from the web, among others from
(In Chinese)
МиГ-21: Гордон, Климов: Крылъя Родины 1994 (2 Teile)
More than 100 excellent drawings show the differences between all MiG-21 versions ever built. Unfortunately the photographs are of poor quality.
(In Russian)
MiG-21 Fishbed: WarbirdTech Vol. 45: Gordon, Davison: Speciality Press 2006
Narrowed, spiritless remake of the Aerofax book even lacking corrections of previous errors.
Mikoyan MiG-21: Gunston: Osprey 1986
Overview based on the knowledge of the eighties and therefore with lots of errors. Beside this the pictures are of poor quality. Bill Gunston's publications of the nineties are much better.
Samolot mysliwski MiG-21: Butowski: Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej 1986
20 page summary of what a citizen of socialist country was allowed to know about the MiG-21. The drawings are very small but correct. Poor quality print.
(In Polish)
МиГ-21 Истребитель: Якубович: Астрелъ 2001
The small, colourful book shows different aspects of the MiG-21.
(In Russian)

Истребитель МиГ-21. Рождение легенды / Перехватчики и разведчики / Последние модификации: Якубович: Цейхгауз 2007
Series on the MiG-21. Parts are dedicated to first generation and the twin-seaters, second generation and recce versions as well as the third and fourth generation. With some interesting details and and a few remarkable pictures of Soviet MiG-21s.
(In Russian)
МиГ-21 против F-4 Phantom: Чечин, Околелов: Моделист-Конструктор 2006
According to its title belonging to the In service section this booklet mainly is dedicated to technical details of the MiG-21 (and the F-4 Phantom). (In Russian)
MiG-21: 4+Publication 1991
Early edition of the well known 4+ series with many photographs of Czechoslovak MiG-21 and lots of drawings.
MiG-21 Fishbed in action: Linn, Spering: squadron/signal 1993
Solid piece of workmanship out of the squadron/signal series with many (mostly known) photographs, very good detail views and colour schemes. The title is misleading as the main topic of the book is the variety of MiG-21 versions.
MiG-21 Fishbed in Color: Stapfer: squadron/signal 1989
Motley collection of official press photos and (almost incorrect) colour schemes.
MiG-21 Cold War Warrior: Stapfer: Arms and Armour Press 1991
Another typical work made by Stapfer. A variety of colorful pictures without facts.
MiG-21 Fishbed Walk Around Part 1 + 2. Stapfer: squadron/signal 2004 / 2005
(So far) the last low quality picture collection by Stapfer, this time combined with detail photos of aircraft in museums and at scrapyards.
Mikoyan MiG-21 Fishbed. Famous Airplanes of the World No. 55: Bunrin-Do November 1974
One of the earliest publications with pictures of Finnish, Indian and Soviet MiG-21. Errors in drawings are due to the knowledge of the seventies.
(In Japanese)
MiG-21 Fishbed. Famous Airplanes of the World No. 76: Bunrin-Do 5/1999
For the new edition the Japanese used lots of excellent photos as well as the drawings and colour schemes from the Aerofax book.
(In Japanese)
MiG-21 Super Profile: Chant: Haynes 1984
Colour and b/w photos, most of them showing Finnish and Soviet MiGs, combined with the state of knowledge of the eighties.
Mikoyan MiG-21 ("Fishbed") variants. Aircraft Profile 238: Brindley: Profile Publications 1972
Made in the early seventies the small booklet offers some official photos and drawings of early versions.
MiG-21 w Polsce, w Europie i na Swiecie: Aeroplan 5 / 6 2001:
The special edition of the Polish aviation magazine comprises articles on history, production and technical details of the MiG-21 as well as chapters about the use of the MiG-21 in Poland and all over the world. With lots of pictures in the booklet and on a photo CD.
(In Polish)
Aero Manual c.2 MiG-21: Broz
Simple drawings and schemes for modellers.
(In Czech)