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Pictures of my military service

(text: author, photos: author's collection, Marco Hanisch)

Due to East German army's extensive secrecy and strict prohibition of photographing there are only a few pictures of my two-year military service.

Two pictures were taken officially: destined for the military identification card were two photos showing me as private first class immediately after conscription (left) and newly appointed non-commissioned officer (right).  


Due to its origin this screenshot from a report on air bases in East and West shown in German TV in 1990 is a bit blurred: in a pan shot Hubert Hoffer, Bernd Kizak, me and another NCO (from left) were to be seen. And one of our colleagues had his camera ready.


All other pictures showing me as a member of the armed forces were taken in two (still illegal) photo sessions in Summer 1990 - see also
"My" MiG.