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My MiG-21 Flight

(Text: author, photos: Alexander Golz, author)

On April 28, 2007 after two decades of concentration on the MiG-21 a long-felt want came true - a flight on a MiG-21.

Paul van der Heuvels 7505 shares its hangar at Rockford among others with a MiG-17.


In proper style: the L-39 serialled 151 acts as photo platform - formerly serving with the LSK / LV (East German Air Force).


Preparation of the personal equipment. Jeff Kaney the owner of the L-39 assists me in putting on the anti-g trousers.


Different to the past I: insted of Ural 375 or W50 a pickup truck moves the start aggregat.


Different to the past II: the pilot fuels himself.


In rapt attention: I took my place in the rear cockpit.


The L-39 takes off first, waits at the agreed meeting point ...


... and finally closes quickly to the MiG-21.


Bit by bit Buck Wyndham pilots the L-39 closer to the MiG-21 to give Alex optimal photo conditions.


And then the MiG-21 shows its bloomest sides ...




... while I just enjoyed the flight.








End of the photo session: the MiG-21 turns away.


Landing approach - the runway seen through rear seat's periscope.


After successful mission: Paul van den Heuvel, me, Alex Golz and Buck Wyndham (v.l.n.r.).

I would like to thank Paul for a great flight in a wunderful aircraft, Alex for hundreds of nice pictures, Buck for bringing Alex into the optimal photo positon, Jeff for his L-39 and Bernd for making the contact.