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Armament of the MiG-21

Советские Авиационные Ракеты "Воздух-Воздух": Марковский, Перов: Экспринт
Советские Авиационные Ракеты "Воздух-Земля": Марковский, Перов: Экспринт
Overview of Soviet air-to-air and air-to-ground armament.
(In Russian)
Uzbrojenie ZSSR i Rosji 1945 - 2000. Lotnicze Systemy Rakietowe: Mikołajczuk, Gruszczyński: Iglica 2000
First part of a Polish series of publications on Soviet ordnance dedicated to guided aircraft missiles. Although of low print quality the book among other gives an representative overview of all missiles belonging to MiG-21's arsenal.
(In Polish)
Soviet / Russian Aircraft Weapons since World War Two: Gordon: Midland 2004
Overview of all kinds of Soviet aircraft ordnance since World War Two. The lack of table of contents and index as well as the not mentioned nuclear bombs make this book unsuitable as a reference work.